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I'm a Web Designer SM Manager Blogger

Mexican gen-z and self-taught web designer and marketing assistant transforming ideas in delightful experiences.

About me

I am an enterprising and self-taught person who loves to have new learnings and challenges every day. I love digital organization and web design.

Through my learning process, I’ve been having the opportunity to gain experience with different tools and programs, I’ve created some websites using WordPress and my own blog where I’ve been writing multiple blog posts and worked as a virtual marketing assistant and social media manager in my previous jobs.

Querétaro, México


Education and Courses

Currently studying an online bachelor’s degree in International Business and Commerce at

Master in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics
  • WordPress, SEO, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Optimización Web, Facebook Ads - 240 horas
Personal and Organizational Communication
  • Theories, skills, base, application and communication plan. - 8.3 hours
Ecommerce Expert Certification
  • eCommerce ecosystem, store architecture, get more, email sequence automation, content amplification and list enrichment - 4.5 hours
Social & Community Manager Expert Certification
  • Community management, position the community, growth, content and engagement, optimize the experience, moderation, metrics and platforms. Social networks, social ear, social influence, social networking, social sales - 9.3 hours
Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Website search optimization, creation of a non-paid strategy to grow following and ads strategy to amplify the business message to a targeted audience
Hubspot Sales Software Certificate
  • Prospecting in HubSpot:  Identifying Good-Fit Leads, Connecting With  Contacts, Closing Sales in HubSpot, Reducing Friction With the HubSpot Mobile App
Brand Design: Create an Innovative Concept
  • How to build a fresh brand with an innovative concept. Explore different creative processes and design every aspect of your brand identity from start to finish.
Introduction to Community Management
  • Learn to build, manage, and run a brand's community on social media and become a community manager.

Skills Summary


Social Media
Content Creation
Email Marketing




  • Problem Resolution
  • Attention  to Detail
  • Team Player
  • Leadership Skill
  • Constant Improver


Improving everyday…


I've Created

See some of the projects I’ve worked on and how I can help you. Thing I do are:

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I’m really excited to know more about your project and bring your ideas to life! Send me a message on the for below with all the details.

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